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Tie "Erlenmeyer flasks"

Product no.: 51-0010
Color of the Tie
Packing unit 1 Stück
Price 39.95 €
incl. 19.00% VAT plus Shipping costs


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Ties for the laboratory

Product description

Design: chemoline®

Every single tie is handmade and therefore unique! The tie is made of Crepe Satin, a type of satin with a smooth and shiny visuel effect, hErlenbecher Design for tiesandcolored and painted using the gutta technique. (Minor color and design deviations are possible!) The perfect gift for people working in the field of chemistry.

Emil Erlenmeyer, *28th of June 1825 in Taunusstein, †22 th of September 1909 in Aschaffenburg. Famous chemist, especially known for inventing the “Erlenmeyer flask”, a conical flask made of glas which today can be found in literally every laboratory working with chemicals.

Basic color: blue or red (slight veining possible due to hand-coloration)


"Erlenmeyer"-Beakers, blue: Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers with silver contours and a grey / white background

"Erlenmeyer"-Beakers, red: Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers with black contours and a grey / white background

weight: 32,5g
amplitude: max.9cm min.3,0cm
lengh: 140cm

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